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“Your non-egoic presence is a true blessing which invites and allows our art to flow from within. An amazing skill of yours. A true reflection on your statement ‘if there is any fear, guilt or control present, I walk away!!!’ You are a true artist with beautiful work. Your course was the best art course I have taken so far! Many kudos to you!!!” 

SD538787Journalling to my Self

We will begin by making our own personal journal. Using a spiral bound notebook, we’ll personalize the cover by decorating it in a creative manner, letting go of pre-conceived artistic notions of design. We’ll explore the benefits and advantages of keeping a journal, sharing ideas on what to record, how to use it, when to go back to it at a later date, and why even go on a journey of self-discovery/exploration at all. We’ll also look at ways to trace the patterns of our lives, help break habits, and build our self-esteem. Whether working through different times in our lives or simply recording our passage here on earth, our journal is a confidante bearing witness to our thoughts, fears, hopes and dreams.

“Our “timeless” Saturdays together have already seemed like a lifetime. I stand on this ledge, looking out over the ominous unknown, and I am no longer afraid. I know (finally) that I am not alone.”

SD531762Trusting your Intuition

How many times have we done something, knowing that it didn’t feel right: if only we’d listened to ourselves…Whether you call it gut feeling, sixth sense, instinct, common sense or intuition, it’s time to start paying attention to the greatest gift we were given when we came into this world. Explore ways to become more aware of our feelings, distinguishing them from fear or cold feet. Ultimately, by honouring our intuition, we learn to begin trusting it… and ourselves.

“Thank you for your kindness and for letting your light shine ~ I feel safe to be here…”

Birthday CollageRoad Map to your Dreams

What is it you really want? Whether it be that dream house, relationship, career, financial abundance, lifestyle, or your soul’s purpose, spend some time exploring your desires and identifying what is really important to you. Using the same process that designers use to bring their dreams into physical reality, you will envision the details and design your own dream life, then learn how to nurture your dream. We will incorporate collage work, journalling, word play, affirmations, visioning, and feng-shui. We’ll look at finding the right kind of support we need as well as eliminating stumbling blocks and self-sabotage. All tied in with some down-home advice to create a picture of the life you want… a road map to your dreams.

“You have given me lots to think about, reflect on, and visions for my own future.”

 Intuitive Art

Let yourself play again with the imagination and ingenious freedom of a child. In a warm and encouraging environment, we’ll take off our shoes, throw on some music, grab some tea, abandon pre-conceived ideas and let the creativity flow from within. Be amazed at what emerges when we get out of our own way and ask for the art to come through us! Inspiring and insightful for stark beginners and accomplished artists alike.

“What an incredibly wonderful workshop! I feel very whole when I leave your home.”

Tea CozyVisual Journals

Whereas journalling tends to focus mostly on our written thoughts, Art Journals explore visually the more creative aspect of our lives. Using images, sketches, photographs, collage, poems, whether ours or others, we record visually the magic and mystery of the days of our lives.

” My eyes and mind have been opened to the fun of enjoying myself and discovering more of who I am. “

Art Work 004Creating Women

Share some gentle, peaceful time with other women, finding ourselves in the joy of creating. We’ll begin by exploring the wonder of having our own sacred space and discuss what we want to honour therein. We’ll decorate our altars while learning the significance of colours and symbols, creating a comforting place to write, meditate, pray, be thankful or simply dream… We’ll explore how each of us would define our own personal goddess – then lovingly make her! We’ll create a wish bath ritual for ourselves using colours, flowers and oils – and take the time to daydream about what we really wish for in our lives. We’ll look at different ways of meditating and other forms of mindfulness. Last, but not least, we will design our own powerful ritual for letting go. Don’t worry about being creative – we’ll be sharing each others unique gifts, talents, hopes, wishes and dreams together.

“I enjoyed the openness with which you run the workshops and the honesty and truth of your own experience.”

 Follow the Needle

Take a leisurely stroll through your local thrift store, seeking clothing made of natural fibres, old linens, discarded crochet and lace, buttons, and old pieces of jewellery. We will take one piece at a time, and lovingly hand stitch upon it, meditating on times long by, where the work of a woman was the work of her heart.

” Thank you for opening up yourself and your wonderful home, and sharing all your wisdom.”

Distressed Fabrics

Explore the various ways that you can distress fabrics to form abstract landscapes. Tearing, stretching, burning and bleaching are just some of the techniques we will explore. Distressed fabric takes on a life and a look all of its own to form and create story pieces. Hand stitching and beading will  further enhance the piece if desired.

“I feel guilty for eating all your carrot cake! Your generosity and insight into my soul has been remarkable.”

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