So what is an Intuitive, anyway?

In my case, I combine my intuitive abilities with common sense to obtain information and guidance from an alternative source, in order to look at what is going on in someone’s life, and provide them with choices around what they can do about it.

I am primarily clairsentient, which is regarded as the strongest of all psychic abilities. To be clairsentient means that I obtain information through “sensing” or “feeling” – the hardest of them all to trust, as there is no tangible evidence to rely on. Clairsentience, however, is the most reliable. People who are clairsentient are often also clairvoyant (“seeing”) or clairaudient (“hearing”) enabling them to receive information many different ways. I am all of the above.

I also use psychometry, which is the means of holding something and getting information from it. That something can be a piece of jewelry, clothing, someone’s belonging, an antique, someone’s hand…

I choose to use these abilities in a consulting and/or counselling capacity, rather than in a “fortune telling” way. That doesn’t mean to say I can’t work that way, but to use an example: rather that telling someone they are going to meet a tall, dark stranger, I prefer to work with people to enable them to be better placed to meet that tall dark stranger, or if they have already met, how to improve their relationship, or how to end it if it becomes an unhealthy one.

I keep things really simple. I eat, exercise, and sleep healthily. I don’t drink any alcohol, or smoke, and I have never done any drugs or smoked pot. I keep myself as emotionally and psychologically healthy and responsible as possible to do my work.

© Shena Meadowcroft