WB024Shena is a gifted intuitive and her insights have helped me through some of the most difficult times in my life. She’s extremely accurate, and offers solutions to real issues happening at the time. She’s more than an intuitive, she is a gifted counselor as well and I always feel better after a reading with her. Things seem easier and simpler to deal with.

She’s helped me realize I’m on my correct career path, even though I’ve had many doubts and sometimes am unsure. She can really see through your soul and give you confirmation that you are following your correct life path. I recommend her to anyone looking for clarity within their life and seeking higher guidance from their higher self.

Laura Jacobs

WB011I am more than delighted and honoured to write something about Shena and her amazing intuitive gifts. I was originally referred to Shena by a friend who said “you will have to meet this lady, she is absolutely wonderful”.

I loved the way Shena gave insight and perspective to thoughts and ideas already floating around in my brain. She also was very helpful in helping and directing other members of my family.

I felt totally at ease and comfortable whilst drinking one of her soothing teas and would highly recommend Shena.

Thank you Shena,


WB016A reading with Shena is a great joy — you never know quite what’s going to come up, come through, come out. She’s polite, concerned, respectful, engaged and sympathetic. She’s enthusiastic, encouraging, empowering, questioning and capable of listening to all sides – mine, hers and the intuitive.

Every time I’ve had a reading – and I’ve had a few – she’s been bang on – to the point where I feel moved to laugh and/or cry. Usually within a few days of the reading I’m saying to myself… Oh, Shena had mentioned that this would happen.

She’s uncanny and brilliant and a great joy to work with.

Shena! Thanks for all your guidance and help!

Jane in British Columbia

WB008I came across a saying in a book once that really intrigued me. “There’s no great secret to joy. Just divine what makes you happy. That’s the first thing you have to know about yourself. Then set out to have – or do – or feel – or be – according to that knowledge. Guide yourself. Trust yourself. More or less, that’s your job in life”.

This seemed easier said than done, but through the intuitive readings, teachings and wonderful support of Shena, I have been able to guide and trust myself to achieve “joy” in my life….. and really, what more can one ask for?

Lynn from Vancouver Island

WB017I have always appreciated Shena’s common sense, practical approach to her intuitive readings. She is able to accurately assess the energies and forces influencing a situation, and provide realistic advice and suggestions as to how to manage them. I have found her knowledge and intuitive skills to be very valuable in dealing with major decisions and turning points in my life.


WB020Someone with something real to say that many of us are searching for… not really knowing what it is.

Liz Rosky, Honduras

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