Remember who YOU are

Trust YOUR Intuition

Make YOURself YOUR priority

Mentorship Packages are designed to allow us to focus on particular areas of your life on an on-going basis. Our commitment to four weekly sessions, with email check-in between sessions, ensures that we spend the time and energy on what it is that you want to work on in your life.

In our Intuitive Mentorship Sessions you will:

  • Explore various ways of getting to know who you are through creative self-expression (journalling, writing, collage, art etc…)
  • Start building a lasting relationship with whoever or whatever you believe created you
  • Understand and embrace who you are
  • Learn to know and trust yourself completely
  • Access and learn to respect your intuition
  • Begin to explore living your life intuitively
  • Develop confidence to begin working with, and trusting, your intuition so you can make informed choices in every part of your life that are right for you
  • Commit to trusting your intuition implicitly
  • Learn tools to work on issues that are standing in your way
  • Let go of old ways of being and doing
  • Seek your own path
  • Learn how to become your own priority
  • Inspire others to live intuitively through example
  • Reunite with the greatest gift you were ever given – YOURSELF

Here’s some more detailed BENEFITS and EXAMPLES

Mentorship Packages

  • $ 375.00 CAD per Package (4 sessions, plus one 15 minute email check-in between sessions)
  • In Person, by Phone or by Skype
  • Payable by cash, Interac e-Transfer or Paypal
  • Special rates available for groups, please contact me below

Connect with me here to talk further or to book an appointment