Here are just some examples of what kind of intuitive information can come through for you:

Work & Career

  • explore all the possibilities you have… what has meaning for you… what excites you
  • identify the kind of work you would really enjoy
  • look at ways to pursue those choices
  • explore avenues to pursue for the kind of work you would love
  • recommendations around job offers
  • changes that can be made when you choose to move on

Business & Property

  • look at the people involved
  • caution if need be around any of the players
  • explore ways to develop and expand your business
  • timing and how best to go about buying or selling a business or property
  • unknown issues that need to be addressed (e.g. plumbing in the main bathroom, roofing issues, letting go etc…)


  • make educational choices that are right for you
  • ideal choice of study and location
  • milestones along the way to look out for
  • potential changes of direction
  • how to handle stress


  • identify particular health issues
  • establish a possible cause
  • suggest steps to be taken to relieve the problem
    Please note : I always recommend a professional medical follow-up.

Relationships (family issues, friends and intimates)

  • what is going on
  • where the other person could be coming from
  • what direction you can take
  • how to resolve issues
  • courage to walk away when necessary
  • ideas on improving the relationship

Life path

  • identify what truly matters to you
  • discover what you feel called to do
  • how to pursue your passion
  • ways to begin following your path

Loss and Grief

  • honour your loss
  • grieve your own way, in your own time
  • letting go

*** I also work with you to communicate with those who have passed. This is available only by specific request and requires a separate session.

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