Shena02aShena Meadowcroft has over 20 years experience intuitively counselling and consulting individuals, businesses and organisations throughout the world. Her passion is to teach others to remember who they are, trust their intuition and come from that place at all times, in all that they do. One of the highlights of her career was giving a lecture to 2nd year psychiatry students at the School of Medicine, University of Calgary, on developing their intuition.

Her teaching experience, spanning 30 years, is as eclectic as her workshop subjects: journalling… fibre art… creative writing… intuitive art… self-discovery… to learning to live in balance. She has worked as a guest speaker, teacher and workshop leader for many private organizations and groups throughout Canada, the States and Europe.

She has worked as a copywriter, written instruction books, produced technical manuals, edited and published an international magazine, written and edited newsletters and magazines, and published poetry books. Shena is currently writing and illustrating a children’s book.

She is a mixed media artist, using art as a means of self-expression and discovery.

Shena offers private and small group lessons online and out of her studio on Gabriola Island, BC, and is also available to teach elsewhere upon request. Her workshops are fun, entertaining, educational and above all, inspiring.

As an Intuitive

“My job is simply to gently take a look with you at what is going on in your life: past, present and upcoming. I offer you a different perspective, by reading between the lines. I work with you to connect the dots, encouraging and empowering you to trust your own intuitive gifts and wisdom. I support you in making the choices that you know are right for you, by giving concrete information and tools to do something about them!”

As a Teacher

“Teaching is not about how good I am at any given subject… it’s about how good I can get you to be ~ If I can get you to journal… write a book… trust your intuition… or create a piece of art ~ better than I can ~ then I have really done my job!”

As a Writer

“The greatest compliment I ever received about my work was from a complete stranger. The comment was: You have the courage to write about what most of us don’t ever dare to feel. It has remained my benchmark to this day. I have always been committed to helping people tell their stories… through journalling, writing, poetry and creative self-expression.”

As an Artist

“I want to connect the sacredness of nature with who we are… an integral part of it. The layers found in my land, mountain or sea scapes, are much like those found within. It feels familiar… yet every time we venture forth there is something new to discover about the piece… and ourselves.”

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